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The Band

Just a little bit about the fellows in the band.

Darren MacDonald
Coming out of Thessalon, Ontario to live with his girlfriend, Darren MacDonald has been heavily influenced through music by his cousins and father, and uncles. His Uncle Richard Chisholm recently passed away, he was known as the guitar god of the family, so Darren MacDonald now has the job of taking over the title.
At seventeen years old Darren MacDonald is a very skinny version of his father, looks wise. But Darren does not want to go down the same musical road as his country lovin' dad went.
Kristan Surge
From Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Kristan has been influenced into punk rock music by Aaron Gasparetto. He recieved an antique drum-kit for his 14th birthday and has been playing on crappy kits ever since. when hes not trying to find random noise makers to drum on hes out skateboarding (and flowboarding) on the cold concrete.
Michael Kyle
From Sault Ste. Marie comes the tall Canadian Native named Mike Kyle. He plays bass in the band and writes all of his own bass riffs.
He likes listening to the old school punk, and hopes that someday Mayadevi could be as famous as those such as Bad Religion, Pennywise, Misfits, Sex Pistols, NOFX, and wonderful talents such as those. 

All of this information is true.