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The band will be rehearsing their music today. It is said that there will be covers of other bands done by Mayadevi at their shows that are coming up, such as The Offspring, Bad Religion, Nirvana, and The Misfits.
Darren P. MacDonald has got the band together for a big band rehearsal for their upcoming show called Sir James Dunnplugged. It is an outdoor event that will take place at Sir James Dunn high school. Tickets and posters will also be being sold around Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding area for the Bruce Mines fall fair show that may have talent such as Lack Of Talent, Mayadevi, STD, and many many more, also the comic Allan Brunke doing stand up comedy, and maybe Darren MacDonald and Mike Kyle doing an acoustic set at the end. Who knows what could happen with these guys in the near future.
But it is only going up so far.
What We Want To Play For
The band has been doing research and watching presentations on Peta and animal testing in laboratories and they want to tell everyone that they play for the causes of Peta and Peta 2